Nike Tiffany Dunk, my Quest continues

I have searching for these rare commodities for some time but along with searching i also have to save money because the shoe is 400+ and i stress the "+"....But it was a good videos check it out. If you have not heard or have seen the shoes here you go.

Signed: T.C.

HTC Shift at Computex

It is awesome!

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Microsoft Smart Watch, tells the weater, and all.....

Found this article about the new smart Watch its just amazing you just have to read it:

"About four years ago, Microsoft's Research and Development team came up with a new technology called Smart Personal Object Technology (SPOT) that uses FM radio signals to broadcast news, weather and other information to wristwatches. The first Smart Watches leveraging SPOT were first launched last January at the Consumer Electronics Show however it did take them a few extra months to get the wireless service running with all its features and have wristwatches available more widely.
According to the software giant, the technology is comprised of three pillars: the computing platform (SPOT), the wireless service (MSN Direct) and a new FM radio-based network (Microsoft DirectBand network).
Over the past few months we were given the opportunity to review Microsoft's SPOT service. The service costs either $39.95 per year or $9.95 per month, plus tax." (

This is going to be awesome and innovative....

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Kanye's Got his own Nikes!

These shoes are on Kanye's Blog but he calles them the "Air Yeeezy's" made by Nike. Personally i think they are just Custom Nike shoes that are made for him but this be his own shoe who knows he didnt provide any details on them....

JAY - Z's blackberry

Jay z has a blackberry curve, he and his Wife Beyonce have one thats kinda cool but... peep the kicks those are the Doom's (Nike SB Dunks) real Exclusive shoes. Here he i shopping BY HIMSELF, with a blackberry curve in one hand and a leather bag(company unknown)/Breifcase in the other hand.

And here is an older picture of jay-z and beyonce both with blackberries,
so they have been using them for a while now.
Signed: T.C.

We all know that Andre 3000 is fly every where he goes but this is kinda of akward besides the fact that he has a blackberry. There are alot of other Focal Points in this picture of him...i mean he does demand attention but now he demands it in America and Mexico....LAWL!

Signed: T.C.

This is Amazing..

I dont know if they are all real but this is an amazing collections of all Nike Dunks, most are Nike SB Dunks. This is amazing... i am collector also....
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LAWL!!!! Borack Obama has a blackberry and <3's it

OMG, Obama is a cool guy but now he is even cooler in my book i will let the pictures explain them selves:

Borack is a victim of the crackberry.....LOL.

Signed: T.C.

Usher - In This Club ft. Young Jeezy *New Video*

Well Usher has returned and now no one knows what to do it is getting good. Confessions is the top selling RnB album, of its time we will see whats next check it out if you havnt see it.

Signed: T.C.

CrackBerry Video its a true story

New update on the Blackberry 9000

This is the new update for the new blackberry the touch screen like they said RIM is keeping me excited but i dont i am a fan of the old school blackberries but we will see what the future has in store. Here is the article i found

"Let’s start this off this by stating there’s more to this device than what will be listed. This is just what’s known at this point, although these details have yet to be confirmed as final specifications. One of the BlackBerry 9000 devices will sport a screen with the dimensions of 480 x 320 (or maybe that’s 320 x 480), 1GB of on-board memory, and an Intel XScale PXA270 processor at 624MHz, clocking in slightly faster than the 620MHz ARM 1173 processor found in the iPhone. The BlackBerry 9000 will also sport the dual-threat of GPS and WiFi as well as introducing 3G support (multi-band HSDPA) to the GSM carrier family devices, answering the prayers of many of us. At this point in time, there’s no update to the camera, which remains at 2 megapixels, although we’re hearing there is the possibility of seeing a 3.2 megapixel camera at launch. You all know the drill! Rest of the goodies, after the break!
No features, both software and hardware, that are currently enabled in OS 4.3 and above will be missing from the 9000-series family. This doesn’t rule out a major change in direction for the BlackBerry OS, as there is a strong possibility that what we’ll see in the future will either be completely different, or at least it will look the part of a distant - but more intelligent and handsome - cousin.
Barring a massive breakthrough in pixels per inch capacity in the 480 x 320 resolution, with the obvious increase in real estate, you have to wonder what will become of our beloved keyboard. We have yet to hear any final details in this arena, but this certainly will make for loads of speculation, both on the internet and off-net, of a touch screen or slider device. We’re not holding our breath with regards to the near-term introduction of any non-standard keyboard layouts from Research In Motion, though.
As you might have guessed, there’s no pricing or availability information for this device. If you want our opinion and pure speculation for a release date, based on the information we have, we’d expect this to drop sometime in Q1 - Q2 2008. Bring it, RIM!" (

Signed: T.C.