ZUNE HD!!!! Microsofts competetion to the Ipod Touch aka IPOD TOUCH KILLER!

Zune HD Video Hands On from Gizmodo on Vimeo.

Spectacular From Pretty Ricky Cartoon Comedy Parody

This is the cartoon parody to the Spectacular Dance video. It is hilarious. I laughed hysterically.

Signed: T.C.


24hr ago a memeber of Pretty Ricky Spectacular has made a video issuing a grind-off(similar to stripper dancing, remind you he is a male). But the worse part of the video was the fact that he had on underwear or spandex on so which could be percieved as gay or homosexual. I could not force myself to post the real video so i post a reaction from youtuber "Funk". you be the judge. I first found the fact that the video was created from www.bossip.com

Signed: T.C.

Drake gives Rhianna a shout out during performance??

If you dont know by now, there is supposedly a rumor that drake is with or is "taking" to Rhianna. This video kind of backs the rumor pretty well because after drake's performance of "every girl" he give rhianna shout out. So i will let you guys be the judge, has chris brown lost his girl to the next big thing "Drizzy" Drake?

Signed: T.C.

Wale Feat. Lady Gaga - Chillin [Behind The Scenes]

Trey Songz - I Need A Girl (HQ Music Video)

This is a very good song and inspiring come back for trey songz, good job.

Signed: T.C.

Charles Hamilton Gets Punched

Charles Hamilton gets in to this heated Conversation/Freestyle against his suggested assitant and in the midst of it he gets punched in the face because of what he says i would think, you guys be the judge.

Signed: T.C.

Nerd Video of the Day! "Nerd Alert"

(Found via funnyordie.com)

Signed: T.C.

Sherlock Holmes Trailer

First of all i would like to say that Robert Downey jr. has Recreated his acting career he is getting good roles now and in my opinion we would have to give it all to the amazing job he did in "Iron Man". Now he is in the Upcoming "Sherlock Holmes" due to release Christmas day it seems to be very promising from the trailer lets just hope that Robert continues to do a good job.

Signed: T.C.

Terry Kennedy's new Supra Release

Supra Shoe Co. has just released a shoe for pro skate boarder Terry Kennedy and the shoe has an awesome design. I will be getting a pair, and i commend him for the shoe.

Signed: T.C.

Maestro Knows - Episode 9 (Terry Kennedy) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

Signed: T.C.

Blackberry Storm 2

These pictures were floating around most PDA,Blackberry, and smartphone sites. I waited to post these pics of the phone until things were pretty valid. According to BGR (Boy Genius Report) the blackberry storm 2 could be released earlier than expected either this month or end of June. Which is good and bad for Rim and Verizon because it will decrease the sales of the original Blackberry Storm and increase the anticipation for the Blackberry Storm 2. The new Storm will come equipped with built-in Wi-fi so that is something to look forward to. Along with the Slimmer look and a new touch-flo and screen technology called Truepress. 2 thumbs.

Signed: T.C.


BIOSHOCK 2 (Walk through and Trailer)


This is going to be a powerful movie and very dramatic by the way, the trailer is just a powerful and the cast seems like it is going to be good. Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry are behind the movie, enough said. The move is based on a book Named Push.

Signed: T.C.


Courtesy to PausePolice
Shout out to www.Pausepolice.com

Signed: T.C.

Super Mario Rescues the Princess "UNCENSORED"


Signed: T.C.

Blackberry Storm Rotation Wizard

Courtesy of BlackberryCool

This will help a lot of Storm users but the only problem is ,Storm Rotation Wizard costs $2.99 but you can lock the Storm’s display in portrait or landscape, or you can choose to leave it on auto-rotate which are the default setting. This is the my recommendation for Storm users and it is cheap also

Signed: T.C.

Samsung i7500 android Hands-On

Blackberry Curve 8520 Gemini Trackpad Demo

Due to be released for Tmobile Earlier than expected as seen from the BGR provided picture of the walmart future hand-held arrival list.

This is the new blackberry with the optical trackpad(similar to a laptop's mouse pad, for a blackberry)

Jazmine Sullivan Cotton Commercial

There are a lot of times where the race-card is subliminal but to see Jazmine Sulivan singing the theme song and advertising cotton seems like a lot. But yes are people have made it past this but i don't know if its still ok, you be the judge?

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer

I went to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine this movie was good but it didnt meet up to my expectations. They didnt focus on certain characters enough that were impactful but it was good. And the after credit preview, wasnt worth waiting for but the fight scenes were awesome which was a plus. A few aspects of Wolverine's past were fabricated or hypened for action purposes. Omega red was not present and some mutants seemed to be added just for movie purposes. I want to hear more opionions on it, it was good but could have been better.

Signed: T.C.