"On the night before Christmas....."...lol

10:58 p.m. 12-24-08(Christmas Eve)

Well as i sit here pondering on what to post or even why i am even updating my blog on this American created holiday eve.... I could not generate an answer to that but i am.

Lol... But just realized that in an hour that there are countless children that are allowed to open one, if not all of they're present on christmas day. Or there is a child suffering from christmas insomnia just awaiting to open gifts or, presents if you will.

Any way... Just thought i would say Happy Holidays to everyone, but the 25th of December Has alot of Myth's, History, and unrevealed information about it...(To DEep) and i will leave you with that. I will get back to Family Guy ....lmnerdyao...Funny Peter Griffin...

Signed: T.C.

P.S. I found This also thought it was funny...This is merely for humor reasons...

Smartphone Comparison (A breathe of fresh air from music)

This is a test performed on the leaders of the touchscreen phones and unfortunatley, it is done as if a matchup. Dont want to spoil the video but 2:56 was a real let down :-(.
(hint: I am a Blackberry phone)
Signed: T.C.

Kid Cudi.....


If you have not heard of Kid Cudi Well then do you research, his mixtape is actually in heavy rotation in my car at the moment. He was featured on Kanye's Album 808's and heart break on the song "Welcome To Heartbreak" (He was on the hook). He represents cleveland, Ohio. He was also Featured on the XXL magazine with Asher Roth, and Charles Hamilton along with other artist, but this will be my last post of the new artist on the horizon, from hence forth do get the magazine or do some research on you own.

Signed: T.C.

Asher Roth......

"My name is Asher Roth also known as Asher Paul Roth and my friends say I'm the truth. I started rapping a little bit ago. They say I'm poetic. I say I'm nice. See me.

To answer your questions, yes I'm skinny, yes I rapped 150 bars to Jay-Z in his office on the spot, yes I have porn on my computer, yes Scooter Braun found me rapping in my dorm room and signed me off of myspace, yes I throw keg parties every Sunday, and yes Steve Rifkind (Wu-tang, Akon, David Banner, Big Pun, Loud Records, SRC, etc. etc.) calls me the "best lyricist he has heard in the last 10 years." Thank you Steve, I'm not very good with compliments, but thank you that means alot big guy. Funny thing is I'm not even a rapper. See me. " (http://www.asherrothmusic.com)

That is a snippet of a bio from Asher Roth's Bio page That should help give an introduction of who he is. Asher Roth is also a new artist similar the Charles Hamilton (Previous Posts). But Both of these artist were featured in a new artist XXL magazine. For him to be "White" he is a really good rapper and artist for that matter do some research on him. He's Nice.

Signed: T.C.

Charles Hamilton Freestyle On DJ Green Lantern Part One

This is an old freestyle but its crazy...

Heres how i feel, i saw this for the first time so its new to me, i am not going to get out of control with the charles hamilton posts but i just want everyone to see new music and new artists.

Signed: T.C.

Charles Hamilton......

Charles Hamilton is a new artist aka (a hipster)and evidently has a slight beef with Soulja Boy Tellem. Charles Hamilton's Lyrical ability up to par and evidently produces his own music, similar to what soulja boy does but based on opinion. As far as hip hop goes and lyrical ability and all around hip hop package i would bet on CH for the bout.

N.E.R.D. at there Best as always!

Song from there latest CD "Seeing Sounds". The Video is based off of the recession that America is currently undergoing and it has a very powerful message.

Mickey Factz - The Flood

This Video is kinda old but i am posting this for all people that have not seen this or heard of the new upcoming hipster(rapper) named Mikey Facts. This freestyle is powerful, maybe by listening it can empower you, if you love hip hop.

Mario Kart in real life, on real roads, with a real kart!

This is hailarious and it just proves with enough time on you hands you can do anything. lol

Android Central Review: Blackberry Bold

Glen Davis Cries after Garnett Yells At Him!

The Celtics' bench blew most of a 25-point lead Gained in the 4th quarter. Upon that Kevin Garnett being the such a determined player as he is spoke to the bench about the mistakes and this is Glen Davis's Reactions.

I am a little late, but Wayne will be having a Documentary, at upcoming film film festival.

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