The touch screen battle!!

In one corner we have the world reknown Iphone provided by at&t wireless. In the other corner we have the LG Voyager provided by Verizon Wireless. The public proclaimed iphone killer. Two great phones with touchscreen capabilities, but the voyager has the a sidecard it flips onpen and has a full QWERTY keyboard. What an advantage! What is this a new challenger..... the CECT P168+, that looks completly identical to the iphone with the exception to a few button on the bottom of the phone and a touch stylus. The introduction is over now for the pictures and videos:


LG Voyager

CECT P168+

Blackberry 9000, hoax or real?

This the article for a new blackberry (supposedly the blackberry 9000). It has a similar design to the iphone. Which i personally dont think is cool but i trust RIM (The company who creates blackberrys, stands for Research In Motion). It looks really cool i would use it as my phone personally not only because i like blackberrys. There was a rumor of it being "touch screen" but its not true as far as right now. Here is the article:

" A picture of what may or may not be the next-generation Blackberry 9000 popped up in an online forum. The device does not appear to have a touchscreen, but it does sport a black iPhone-like sheen. Again, this could be the real deal, a hoax, or some unrelated prototype. But one thing is for sure: iPhones and Blackberries are on a collision course. As iPhones gain more enterprise-class e-mail capabilities, Blackberries will add more consumer-friendly design to its devices." ( )

You be the judge real or not?
Like it or not?
I like it but i am not going to settle until i see it forreal and i can firmly believe it.
Signed: T.C.

Martin episode of the day!

Hustle man hailarious, PICK UP THE PIECES!

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Fresh Gear!

Exclusive clothes and shoes you have to check this site out.

i will let it speak for itself..

Signd: T.C.

Microsoft surface, 5 years watch out for it!

It is going to be in buisness first like starbucks and resturants supposedly before being open for the public to buy, dont try to guess the price...

Signed: T.C.

solid gold blackberry!!! What you are crazy pharrell!

The artist Pharrell Williams has Purchased a new blackberry every year of its release, but the catch is he has a solid gold version of it. I am a big fan of blackberrys so when i saw this i lost it this is crazy. It's is 18ckt. gold.... enough of the gasping just look... He reveals it mid way through his freestyle on BET'S rap city the basement ( 00:39 is when it is revealed) it is the blackberry 8700.

But now in 2008 he has the blackberry 8800 gold see pictures:

This is the website link with the article and the interview with Pharrell:

Kanye at the Grammys Feb. 10, 2008!!!! AWESOME

I would have to say that this performance was AWESOME! The wardrobe was sick daft punk made an appearance, it was just awesome. And the dedication to his mother was unforgetable and very touching my mother cried, that just proves the power of the performance and the song and shows the intensity of it all. Check it out:

Signed: T.C.