Samsung Instinct s30 (Sprint) Hands-On

A Smaller version of the original Instinct but not to be compared to the palm treo to palm centro comparison. Its technically the same instinct just a little more compact, the added some things to the UI(User Interface), fixed the previous bugs witht he first instinct, and changed the design of the phone.

Signed: T.C.

Ryan Leslie as a teenager to now

Ryan Leslie does it again and he is back in the studio, and this him in production/creation for "Just Right". You be the judge but it is very well put together.

I dont know how i found this but this is Ryan Leslie as a teenager...

Signed: T.C.

HTC Magic Android phone - Live hands-on

This is the "Magic" Created by HTC, also known as the G2 or Sapphire by some sites and blogs. The reason i could see that i would be call the "G2" is because it's Design is similar and it has the OS Android Built in to it, But there are some features that differ from the G1: There is not a sliding keyboard, Fully Touch Screen, New Vertical buttons. This phone will be released for Vodafone and not any other companies like T-mobile(The most likely), At&t, etc. But to see all the features view the video below.

Just Txt No