Today is the official day!

Today is the official for the OS/Firmware releases for Blackberry Devices, also known as the 5.0 update. The update is dependent on the device you have I.E. TOUR,STORM,BOLD,OR CURVE. This is long awaited especially after all of the leaks and the amazing BBM 5.0(Blackberry Messenger) Release. If your interested in updating your phone the go HERE. Instruction Included on site there is no mobile upgrade yet. You can go to wireless update within advanced options. Follow the link for the manual download via the desktop manger.


HTC Hero (Sprint)

This phone was originally released outside of America. Now Sprint has it and it i projected to be as a dominate phone as the Iphone. Here are some specs of the phone from hardware to software. This is Sprints first android OS phone and it was released just this week.