T-mobile Blackberry Curve8900-Web Commercial

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Hands-on: Palm Pre

I would put a descripton of the phone but its a 25 minute long video.... so just watch..

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Kid Cudi Louis Vuitton party performance

F.luxury.B x LV x Stephen Sprouse x Kid Cudi from ferris bueller on Vimeo.

Via Kanye Univercity

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BlackBerry 8900 Coming to T-Mobile Feb. 09

Really excited abotut the release of the blackberry 8900. That will be a well deserved upgrade from my 8800 and i am really aniticipating standing in line for the phone being that T-Mobile didnt get the release of the Blackberry Bold, its a satisfactory upgrade.

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Another Kid Cudi post... I am a little late though...

Hustler Watch: Kid Cudi from Eighty81 on Vimeo.


I listen to every new hip hop artist on the video, i know i said i was going to let you guys do the research on your own but i still am kinda the video doesnt reveal to much check it out...

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Steve Harvey Talks about Katt Williams with Frankie Darcell

This is before the Championship battle against Katt Williams....

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Katt Williams vs Steve Harvey new Years eve

Plainly put Katt Williams was challenged by Steve Harvey to a Joke off, there is no beef or hard feelings supposedly between these two but it is in the name of comedy...

Weird enough

Weird enough this commercial brings me alot of inspiration, because i am a big nike dunk fan... and i can see my self... ahhh nevermind just watch it if you havnt see in it


Wow it has been a long time since i last blogged anything... but i have been undergoing some changes in my life that i am trying to cope with but thats neither here nor there how is this for the beginning of the year post...

Jay-Z (Brooklyn We go hard Video), produced by Kanye West:

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