3D Operating System

This Video speaks for it self....

gOS - Web Operating System that uses a lot of Google apps

GOS is an operatins system with alot of Google applications installed inside of it. Not to be confused with it being Google's Operating system, in which it is not.

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The Infamous Golden Ibook...

Red Lobster Nike SB Dunks

These are the Red Lobster Nike Sb Dunks, Based off of the Well known Resturant "Red Lobster". Inside the sole of the shower it is replicated to look similar if not just lke the napkin that you would receive at Red Lobster. Only problem to me and some others is the color of the shoe, its pink... you be the judge...

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Kanye West - Flashing Light (2nd New Version) OFFICIAL VIDEO


More of the Glow In The Dark Concert

Follow the link to View some Videos of the concert:


Kanye , Glow in the Dark Concert, "I was there"

Kanye West - Glow in the Dark Tour SD from Ollie on Vimeo.

ITS FINALLY HERE!!!Blackberry Bold Commercial

For all of the blackberry fans like me, research in motion ltd. have just released there new innovation: Blackberry "Bold". It if finally here after all of the posts, here is the video...

and the forum www.blackberryforum.com.

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Crazy Indian Music Video.....LOL!


If Micheal Jackson was on acid, This would be it!!!


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"Da Carter III" June 10. 2008

The highly anticiapated album by the Hip hop/Rap artist Lil Wayne will be in stores June 10, 2008. After releasing hundreds of mixtapes or the course of a year and a half the album has a release date finally. Its a must have.
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