Notorious Trailer 09- The Biggie Smalls Bio-Motion Picture

Microsoft Windows - I am a PC commercial

This is Microsoft's response commercial to MAC's "I am a pc, i am a MAC" commercial.

Microsoft is trying there best to market.

With a list of guest celebrity appearances to help with marketing. Microsoft paid millions of dollars for this market strategy.

m800i-CECT all in one watch phone

Speaks for it self

New Windows: Microsoft Windows 7

Microsoft has been having a very diffculty selling and marketing Windows Vista. So there is speculation about the new OS (operating System) Being created. Visually it looks like Windows Vista from the screen shots that i have seen, but they are making internal changes to the OS so it will perform better and maybe


Whats this!!! Sen. John McCain With a Blackberry Curve!!

Pharrell addicted to Gold plating his new phone!!!

It seems as though every one of pharrell's phones, from his blackberries to his new iphone have to be gold plated, gold plated meaning REAL, gold.

Unlock Android Dream with your own pattern!

The HTC Dream (T-mobile being the carrier) is presumed to be the first mobile device to be released with the Android OS buit in here is a sneak peak of it you can see more of it

Android Demo

It seems as though the smart phone and/or mobile phone arena is taking very similar turns as computers meaning the focus is on the mobile devices OS (Operating System). Well the video speaks for it self, but the G-phone or the Google phone is not real this is what google is creating. An open source OS for mobile devices, give developers and people the ability to create there own applications, etc. for the phone. Check it out: