Blackberry 9000, hoax or real?

This the article for a new blackberry (supposedly the blackberry 9000). It has a similar design to the iphone. Which i personally dont think is cool but i trust RIM (The company who creates blackberrys, stands for Research In Motion). It looks really cool i would use it as my phone personally not only because i like blackberrys. There was a rumor of it being "touch screen" but its not true as far as right now. Here is the article:

" A picture of what may or may not be the next-generation Blackberry 9000 popped up in an online forum. The device does not appear to have a touchscreen, but it does sport a black iPhone-like sheen. Again, this could be the real deal, a hoax, or some unrelated prototype. But one thing is for sure: iPhones and Blackberries are on a collision course. As iPhones gain more enterprise-class e-mail capabilities, Blackberries will add more consumer-friendly design to its devices." ( )

You be the judge real or not?
Like it or not?
I like it but i am not going to settle until i see it forreal and i can firmly believe it.
Signed: T.C.

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