My Preview of the Carter 3

Well my preview for the Carter 3 was amazing i was up for about 2hrs listening to 5 songs over and over. I am going to keep the songs under raps but i found them on a forum and i listened and i was AMAZED!! First of all before i speak about Lil Wayne i want to say that Kanye is a Production Genius, all the beats that Kanye produced for Wanye are impecable. Now alot of people are fans of lil wayne and most just became fans of lil wayne with in the last 1-2 yrs that he as atomic bombed the hip hop industry but i have been listening to lil wayne for a very long time does 500 degress ring a bell or how about "The block is hot". Any way Wayne's Lyrical Delivery on the songs that i heard were AMAZING, and i will inform of this wayne lyrics were at par with the one and only Jay-Z the song they have together is without words. Rumor has it that Kanye Did 20+ beats for the Carter 3 and the beats i heard were tremendous... i just suggest that on June 10 everyone is in line somewhere to get "Da Carter 3" because i know i will 2 copies to be exact. Thank you and Good night!

P.S. : i Couldnt help it so the song with Weezy and Jay-Z is called "Mr. Carter", and its produced by Kanye so enough said.

Signed: T.C.

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