Asher Roth......

"My name is Asher Roth also known as Asher Paul Roth and my friends say I'm the truth. I started rapping a little bit ago. They say I'm poetic. I say I'm nice. See me.

To answer your questions, yes I'm skinny, yes I rapped 150 bars to Jay-Z in his office on the spot, yes I have porn on my computer, yes Scooter Braun found me rapping in my dorm room and signed me off of myspace, yes I throw keg parties every Sunday, and yes Steve Rifkind (Wu-tang, Akon, David Banner, Big Pun, Loud Records, SRC, etc. etc.) calls me the "best lyricist he has heard in the last 10 years." Thank you Steve, I'm not very good with compliments, but thank you that means alot big guy. Funny thing is I'm not even a rapper. See me. " (

That is a snippet of a bio from Asher Roth's Bio page That should help give an introduction of who he is. Asher Roth is also a new artist similar the Charles Hamilton (Previous Posts). But Both of these artist were featured in a new artist XXL magazine. For him to be "White" he is a really good rapper and artist for that matter do some research on him. He's Nice.

Signed: T.C.

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