"On the night before Christmas....."...lol

10:58 p.m. 12-24-08(Christmas Eve)

Well as i sit here pondering on what to post or even why i am even updating my blog on this American created holiday eve.... I could not generate an answer to that but i am.

Lol... But just realized that in an hour that there are countless children that are allowed to open one, if not all of they're present on christmas day. Or there is a child suffering from christmas insomnia just awaiting to open gifts or, presents if you will.

Any way... Just thought i would say Happy Holidays to everyone, but the 25th of December Has alot of Myth's, History, and unrevealed information about it...(To DEep) and i will leave you with that. I will get back to Family Guy ....lmnerdyao...Funny Peter Griffin...

Signed: T.C.

P.S. I found This also thought it was funny...This is merely for humor reasons...

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